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GlobalFit Rewards.
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Meet People
At Their Level
of Fitness

Employees can choose the activities, gyms, and programs that motivate them to become more active. Reimburse for gym memberships, boot camps, fitness classes, yoga, and anything else that gets your people fired up to move!

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We Validate
so you don't
have to

Our extensive validation process can verify eligibility, proof of purchase, attendance, and activity levels. Every reimbursement is verified against your program requirements before distribution.

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Recognize and reward
for investing
in fitness

94% of employees surveyed would invest more in fitness and activity if their company offered a reimbursement. Drive higher levels of engagement by offering a reward or reimbursement for gym visits, steps, or activity minutes.

What Employees
Want in Wellness

We surveyed 3,000 wellness program participants to find out what was important to them when it comes to wellness program offerings.